Thanks for a wonderful weekend!

Hi Chris, Anni & Tim,

Thanks for a wonderful weekend!

It was the best Christmas since our children all left home. Showe how simple it all need be. Our trip to ‘Top of the World’ was just that, with all that snow around, and the mysterious little Post Office foundation and the views of St. Ann’s Inlet. Best of all was the mountain at Tuonela, for climbing, and the mountains coming and going, which reminded me of NF and especially Gros Morne National Park. Happy New Year and lots and lots of snow to you all, and Emma sends greetings to Roos. It was great to have her friend “calling” for her every morning at the door.

Ilze,Don,Tali,Ian Folkins, and Emma

Excerpt from TRAK Magazine

Article by Will Goddard, December 1997

Looking out the window as my flight approached Halifax, I was skeptical. From what I could see in the early evening light, there just didn’t seem to be much snow around. Then it started raining.

“Don’t worry about it” my friend Minto said, as we drove along wet streets into the outskirts of Halifax,”there’s going to be plenty of snow in Cape Breton. It’s a different climate up there, and the skiing is definitely going to rule. You’ll see”

The next morning my skepticism about Maritime skiing returned as we drove towards Cape Breton. We found out there wasn’t much in the way of groomed or tracked trails around Baddeck–however the proprietor of the Outdoor Store suggested we try Tuonela, a cross-country/telemark area at Goose Cove.

Tuonela? Skiing friends in Cape Breton had mentioned this private ski area with a Finnish name run by some telemarking junkies.

We arrived at Tuonela with our tele boards. After several hours cranking turns in the powder & trees, my sore ski legs couldn’t take any more fun. A fitting way to end our Cape Breton Ski trip, I figured, as I thought back on the great skiing we’d had the last few days. I took a last look around and said to myself, “IT DOESN’T GET MUCH BETTER THAN THIS.” Go skiing on Cape Breton and you’ll see what I mean.

December 1997 TRAK Magazine