Do the cabins have separate bedrooms?

No. All our cabins are built ‘open plan’ to allow heat to circulate from the wood stove. Most have a sleeping loft with a queen sized bed, and the ground floor has single bunks. The “Chalet” cabin has a ‘Dutch Bunk’ at one end of the cabin.

How do we get to the Village?

The Village is 600 ft above sea level and is accessed by a gentle 4 km ski or snowshoe into the Village. In the Fall it is about a 45 min hike; in winter it will take about 30-60 mins depending on your ability.

Do we need to bring our own water?

No. We provide all your drinking water and washing water. It is from a spring half way up the mountain. We provide you with a ‘BRITA’ water filter if you wish to filter your drinking water.

Do we need to bring any linen?

We provide hand towels, tea towels & dish cloths. You need to bring your own toiletries including face cloth. If you plan to take a sauna, please bring your own bath towel. There is an extra charge for the use of the Sauna.

Do we need sleeping bags?

Yes and No
Sheets and pillow cases are provided for each Queen bed. There is a comforter for each bunk & queen. There may occasionally be a need for a sleeping bag if you have an extra person in your cabin, or if you have children. Consult us on this one.