How do we get our food & gear into the village?

Your food & gear should be well packed (no plastic bags please) for transit into the village by snowmobile. If you plan to arrive late then we may have to pick up your gear in the morning. Always pack a lunch as cannot always have your gear into the village by the time you arrive.

Do you provide meals?

No. There is no restaurant at the Village!! However on the weekends there may be a
pot of soup on the stove.

Is there electricity in the Village?

Yes. The Ski Tuonela Village operates off grid & electricity is supplied to the cabins by banks of 12 volt batteries. 115 volts is only available at the Lodge or Langspielhaus through an inverter or when the generator is running.

Will my cellphone work in the Village?

No. Your cellphone will not work in the Village OR in the parking lot. If you wish to call the Village with an ETA you should call BEFORE you turn off the TCH at exit 11 or from the Canso Causeway. If you have to make a call FROM the Village we have cellphones and a long range radio phone. We also have high speed internet & e-mail capablities.

What cooking facilities are in the cabins?

We provide all pots & pans, dishes, cutlery,coffee perk, wine glasses, etc., etc. Every cabin, except the Sauna, has a two-burner propane stove, a wood stove with a flat surface for cooking & hot water. There is also a peripatetic Bar-B-Q in the Village and a “Big Green Egg” in the RauchHaus for communal use.

Do you rent ski gear for children?

No. We have about ten sets of rental gear for adult guests staying at the Village or using the trail system . You HAVE to arrange rental gear AT LEAST 24 hrs before your arrival to ensure its placement in the rental shack near the parking lot. We do NOT rent gear for use off the trail system.

Is there a shower at the Village?

Yes. It is in the Sauna which needs a one to three hour warm up depending on the ambiant temperature. There is an extra cost for its use. Check the web site.

What time is check out?

12 noon, so that the housekeeper can get the cabins ready for the next occupant. However you may ski/hike for as long as you wish and use the Lodge for warmup.

Is there refrigeration?

Yes & No. In the skiing season the great outdoors is your refrigerator. There are no ‘wild critters’ that will eat your rations! In the non-skiing seasons we have large coolers with ice packs that you can use.

How do I get to Ski Tuonela?

Take the 105 Hiway after crossing the Canso causeway towards Baddeck. After passing Baddeck, continue on the 105 until you get to exit 11 to the Cabot Trail. Turn down this exit by the Lobster Galley Restaurant (closed in winter) onto the Cabot Trail & continue for 11km until you reach our parking lot.